Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!

Well Christmas is basically here and i cannot believe it. My mom arrived this past weekend and will be with us until the 2nd of january. Then i hope time slows down a bit. Were getting a huge snow storm, even for Minnesota this is a big one. Were expected to get 20+ inches by tomorrow night and saturday. Were going to be cooped up i just hope our plows stay on top of it!

I had my 32 week appt yesterday withe my Doctor's midwife. Im still measuring 2 weeks ahead and his heart beat was strong and loud and he moved around a bit from the midwife lol. Were still unsure of how the birth will go. I will be evaluated at 36 weeks to find out if its natural or a c-section. There are several notes on my chart due to the previous history with this pregnancy. People are still saying January and im sorry but please stop telling me when hes going to come. Im not even due until the middle of february and since im 2 weeks ahead, the doctor says that really doesnt mean anything. He may be a big baby or hes just laying funny everytime im being measured. However, it does not indicate that he will come that much earlier. I will take guesses on his hair color though LOL.

A little background with my hair color, my moms dad had natural red hair and it skipped a generation and went to me. My dads side of the family has some auburn but no red heads except for me. So whats the guess?? Nicks hair is brown in case people forget but when he was born and up until he was 2 he had white white blonde hair that ended up being brown now lol. So any guesses? Id love for him to have red hair but am concerned that since it skipped a generation it may do it again. So what are my chances for red hair :)

I hope everyone has a great holiday/Christmas!!! Stay safe and warm and really enjoy your time with family. I wish we could be back home with everyone but Nicks vacation is being saved for when baby boy is born. Im happy to have a piece of my family here though :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lately--31 weeks

This is me via the cell phone and thats just one of our three trees :) 31 weeks and growing!
Bending over is becoming a task and a half and sleep is just not comfortable with a head in your side, or at least thats what im assuming is in my side lol. These are all typical things that i expected to happen and dont really complain about because its just part of the process. However, i think my husband has failed to recognize that this is what im going through. He recently had two teeth pulled a wisdom tooth and the one right next to it. While i give him credit and that it was painful, try handing your body over for 9 months and being worried every day. At the same time you dont see me walking around complaining about that every second of the day. That was my small vent for the day!

On the other hand, i will hit 60 days tomorrow and i just cannot believe it. Its going by so fast still. Im starting to wonder when this slowing down occurs. I go to the doctor next week and then start going every two weeks! I will find out when im 36 weeks if its a c-section or natural birth. I am also curious as to what he will measure this time. Im hoping not large still! Lately, he really kicks up for orange juice and even caught it on video for Nick and our parents. The doctor also has me monitoring and timing his movements and so far so good but if i get stressed out it takes him a bit more to move around which I am not surprised. I do very well at maintaining a low stress level but there are occasions where it spikes.

Lately, i have been researching freezing meals and hope to have my mom help some when she comes up next weekend. Since we have no family around at all and the only people we know are Nicks co-workers, we have to rely on ourselves which is perfectly fine but i know when it comes down to it i will miss having lots of people around who would think to bring over food or just to sit with us for a chat. Its going to be so different and i just hope we handle it well together. Im off school now so i have the change to blog a bit more when i think of more to write.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Charley Horses!

My oh my!!! I have had them the last four nights in a row and finally had them in both legs at the same time last night and i woke up screaming. Luckily nick is on a business trip, otherwise I would have scared him so bad. So im drinking tons of extra water and eating bananas. A friend of mine suggested orange juice but this little boy becomes super awake and hyper and i dont think that would help me right before bed. I will see how it goes tonight and let you all know.

With the upcoming holidays coming so fast I am so excited to have my mom here for two weeks but at the same time I am so worried about February being even closer!! Im not really worried about becoming a mom, I am just nervous about the birth process. My doctor is waiting until im further along to tell me if its a c-section or natural.

On this last note, i am so so so TIRED of hearing that my relatives think im going to have him in january!! Im not due until Valentines day. I need to at least go to Feb 1st, i want to get that amethyst birth stone plus i need him to stay in as long as possible!!! Some of my friends are surprised that people are saying early since this is my first child id be much happier if people thought id be overdue. Please people at least give me until February 1st!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting there...

I do not like that time is flying by. Im honestly petrified of it going to fast. I know the holidays are helping time fly but i really need it to slow down. People think i will be kicking myself in january when i want it to speed by and it wont. Sorry, but im fine with it slowing down. Im having a lot of anxiety a, bout everything. I have come to the realization that it will only be Nick and I at the hospital when he's born and the first week after. Im fine with it just being he and I when I deliver but I will miss family and visitors. Im really nervous that will throw me into some sort of depression.

My mom asked if i wanted her to wait to come until Nick goes back to work and although it would make sense im torn. Id love to have someone here right away to meet our little guy but my mom said she didnt want to be in the way while Nick was home so shes going to wait a week and then come. My inlaws arent coming until March or April, which I wish theyd come sooner because hes going to change so much by then!! I guess im just down today but also feeling sad for myself.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update & Baby Shower

I wish i had pictures but sadly our camera is broken. Were waiting for a replacement piece. It was wonderful to see friends and family come together. We wish we could have stayed longer but nicks vacation time wouldnt have allowed for it. My mom is coming up in a few weeks to stay for Christmas and I cannot wait since I feel like i only got a blip of time with her. It was very odd to say goodbye and we'll see everyone when we have our baby in our arms!!!

My Gestational Diabetes test came back normal so yay! Luckily the drink wasn't even bad at all. I think some people make more out of it then it really is. I think the quote of the day at the shower was " Your not really that big at all" LOL. After a few times i was like okay i hear ya. Of course according to my husband im huge :) I do have a picture from my cell phone at 29 weeks 1 day. We received a ton ton ton of clothes! I was expecting it but not really to this level. Some larger things were purchasing with the gift cards we received, so needless to say we have no where to walk at the moment.

On another note, we are looking at houses. With keeping this in mind, i dont get to set up a nursery :( I really want to but if were going to be moving right around when Im due then its not the best idea. We have a bassinet and other things in the house but the rest will have to move to storage until we have a house. Im hoping to find something soon but im also realistic that im 7 months pregnant and moving does not sound good to me but it would benefit all of our stuff haha.

Finally, at my last appointment i was measuring 2 weeks ahead but she said that doesnt mean anything necessarily so im trying not to get worked up. Today, im noticing my left foot is starting to swell a bit. Oh all the joys of pregnancy :) Did i mention i havent worn my wedding rings since 7 weeks! I had some issues with swelling fingers then and havent worn it since. I miss it!!! Sorry for the long update but its been awhile. I promise to get back to normal blogging.