Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Induction tonight!

Im terrified and nervous. I of course cannot wait to meet our little boy but i did not expect my doctor to only give me one choice in the matter. Im not happy about it but i have no other way around it. At 630 pm i will be admitted to the hospital because my fluids have gone from a 12 to a 4. My doctor said anything under a 5 requires that the baby come out soon. She predicts he will be here by late tomorrow at the lastest Friday morning but i really hope its tomorrow! I want quick and painless which i know is asking way too much. Thoughts and prayers are welcome!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well my due date came and went. Im just trying to get through day to day until our baby boy is here. Tomorrow i have a 40+ wk appointment and my doctor will decide what to do with me next. I really hope she says your going to have him Thursday and then we know when it will happen. I think he decided its far too cold and snowy outside to come out and enjoy the winter weather. I know everyone is so excited for us and they want to plan trips to come and visit but the phone calls have got to stop. Everyday is a challenge to get through but at this point im so close to the end i just have to relax. Sorry i havent updated in a while i just had a bad spout where i had no energy and wasnt feeling well. Updates to come after i go to the doctor! Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Its February!!

So its the first of the month and so far so good. No contractions so far that im aware of and baby is very active. He has been really giving his mommy some good hard kicks!! I have my 38 wk appt on weds and i seriously have some things to get off my chest with my doctor. She is amazing and wonderful but i need to let her really know how this anxiety is effecting me. I even have a feeling i will be crying during the whole appointment. That is how bad the anxiety is now.

I cant believe i will be someone's mommy this month! I noticed nick is doing a lot of busy work around the house lately, packing up boxes and cleaning the cars and just remaining that way. Call me crazy but i think someone is nervous! Which i am too so that does not help me. People had warned me how i would get phone calls and comments saying 'is he here yet? is your water broken?" These people are very close to me and im sorry but your going to be one of the first ones to know so please stop asking. That will get old really quickly i can see it now. Thats all for now just wanted to say happy February to everyone!