Wednesday, October 28, 2009

24 wk. Doctors Visit

Well it went excellent!!! We went in and had to fill out an extra paper on if i had been sick which I am so i was segregated to another part of the waiting area. It was very odd but i understand lol. The nurse was telling us how anyone who had most of the symptoms had to be examined in the quarantined area downstairs so the nurses and doctors were exhausted from running back and forth. I only have 2 of the symptoms so i got to stay upstairs.

I definately have a viral thing that just needs time even though its been two weeks. Luckily, for me the chest congestion is lifting a ton thanks to the benadryl so now she wants me to go back to the robitussin for the stuffy nose and cough. I mentioned my recent dizziness and she had asked how my ears felt and etc and said to keep an eye on that, if im dizzy still next week she needs to start me on two prescriptions. She doesnt want me to start them now because we dont know that i have an ear infection and the second thing is that the medicine will exhaust me a ton which she said i dont need since im already taking extra naps :)

The baby was measuring at 25 weeks which she said is perfect! She also listened to his heartbeat loud and strong at 150 bpm. I now have Round ligament pain on both sides but nothing that i can fix so just rest and fluids. She said she was happy to hear i feel "thumps" after i eat and by the next appointment it should be more consistant and stronger :) She said all around shes happy that hes so perfect :) It really made my day to hear hes doing so well. I didnt gain any weight at all which is perfectly fine. Everything was great other then a sick mommy but thats okay :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small update

I just made cupcakes the other day for a food challenge and boy did our little baby boy Love them! He was doing flips i think and his daddy attempted to feel it and still he hides from us both. I have been having crazy dreams and i know its because im pregnant and sick. That is right i still have this awful cold. I mean i take naps for two hours or more due to being sick and I hate that but obviously need the rest! My doctor's appointment is tomorrow so we will see how everything is progressing. No ultrasound this time but that is okay. Until tomorrow, see you later!

P.S. I still cannot decide which bedding to get! Ughhh lol.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update and Vent

People drive me nuts. I have been sick over a week now and it is not fun nor is it suppose to be. But for crying out loud try being sick when your pregnant and everything is off limits to you! Ive been told to calm down and wait it out. Well lets see i am waiting it out and im not worked up about it, but just think if your carrying another human being for the first time in your life, wouldnt you worry about every medicine you put in your body? I think its only natural. Now mind you, the person who told me to calm down has no children what so ever.

With all this talk of H1N1 going around and etc, i think i had a reason to be nervous. Now i do not have a fever just major chest congestion and stuffiness. From time to time i feel a bit dizzy but i think thats from the benadryl the dr told me to take. I go for my 24 week appt. on the 28th, its just a basic appt, no ultrasound. I am feeling some movement now basically after i eat and that is it. I feel like the lack of movement is due to the problems I have had with my placenta. Our little boy likes to play hide and seek. Nick and I will both try to feel for him on the outside and he will not budge but I can feel him constantly from the inside. Since ive been sick its less movement but im guessing that he senses its time to relax for mommy!

I am very excited to be going home in a month for thanksgiving and our couples shower! My MIL and SIL were in town and we did some shopping for the little boy and definately picked out some green. I still do not understand why blue has to be the only designated boy color. Dont get me wrong i like a little bit of light blue but not everywhere i go! Most of the things i registered for i was very careful in not choosing too much blue. I guess thats my update and vent on the color blue and being sick.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby bedding!

So now that we know its a boy, were making decisions on everything in order to get ready for my shower next month. We registered at Babies R Us and it took us about two hours!! Who knew but Nick was more then ready to leave lol. We didn't choose any bedding there simply because we did not like any. We have three options which we will just end up buying ourselves which is more then fine. So please vote and if theres a certain one that you just dont like at all please tell me why below :) TY ***I will note that i do not like typical boy bedding that consists of noahs ark and trucks and cars. Im not really into the rainforest/jungle theme either but yes one of them does have animals on it ***

These are not in order of the ones i favor the most :)

#1 above is from
#2 above is Nojo Jungle tales
#3 is giggling turtles from the gap.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its a boy!!

We were both shocked to hear it was a boy! I think deep down I really knew becuase i have had like 80 dreams about having a boy and only 1 where it was a girl. We do have a name for him and have had it since before I was even pregnant. Its a big secret though :)~ There is still not much going on in the movement front but the doctor is not concerned. She said the previous tingling I had was the baby but i have yet to feel it again or any kicks or elbows.

In time, he will make up his mind and give a good jab to his mommy. The doctor released me to go back to Ohio for thanksgiving and my baby shower ! Wooo hoo!! this is excellent news! I cannot wait to see all of my family and nick's family too. It will be way too exciting. Since it is a boy, i am so determined that he will have red hair. If it would have been a girl i had doubts about the red hair since it skips a generation in my family. So we will see. Nick is betting on brown. We are registering on Saturday at BRU and i hope it goes well since we don't really have anything picked out except a swing! Baby is growing right where he should be. Hes a few ounces below for his age but im sure he can catch up in no time as the doctor was not concerned!

Im off for now hoping to get some homework done and then go shopping for the first time for the baby boy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New stroller!

We ordered our stroller on Monday and it arrived last night from It is the Graco townsend stroller available only online. Its very neutral for either gender which is great so that if we have any more children we can hopefully use it again. It's a turquoise color and brown. Yes I did totally push it all over our living room last night. Nick just looked at me and shook his head. I think it became a reality to me when we had our first big baby item in the house. I said " oh my gosh nick were going to have a real baby in there someday!"

On another note, i woke up around 3 am like usual and went back to bed but I could not go to sleep. Around 3:30 i felt like a small push against my stomach which i had rolled onto. I am guessing that was Baby P and he/she wanted me to stop squishing them lol. I have not felt it again but it felt like nothing else I ever felt before. So we will see if they start to pick up on moving around. I cannot wait for them to move around a bit more so Nick can feel it too!