Monday, June 21, 2010


Nolan is holding his head up in his bebe pod. I knew it was only a matter of time since he did it whenever i held him. We keep placing him in his jumperoo but now he insists on putting his arm down with his leg in the leg hole. If we pull it out which we normally do because it looks so uncomfortable, he will scream. He is however playing with the toys on top and that makes me so happy. He also rolled from tummy to back yesterday on fathers day. So now he has rolled both ways!!! Im so proud of my big boy. Hes growing too fast!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holding Head up & winner

Well Nolan has been holding his head up since a week old. He has always whipped it around and just held his head up. My mother and mother in law both kept saying he had the strongest neck ever. Well he still holds his head up but for a longer amount of time. We placed him in his jumper and he leans to one side but he is getting better and he almost touches the ground. Where has the time gone???

On june 9th he rolled over three times from his back to his belly. He has not mastered the other way around but he will. He babbles like no other and it is so adorable. The first time he did it was two weeks ago on the weekend and nick and i woke up to him babbling to himself and i swear i have hear "mum" and mommmmm several times but Nick just laughs. He smiles up a storm in the morning and he absolutely still does not like to have his clothes changed. I cannot help but laugh sometimes because he makes the silliest faces.

Similac Sensitive has been working so far for the last week *knock on wood*. We weighed him after his bath last night and he is 12 lbs 5 oz. He has a four month appointment next week so we will see where that takes us. He has always been between 12-18th% for weight so hes low. At first the doctor was concerned but he seems to be less worried now. His length is around the same percentile and his head circumfrance is 58th percentile. He gets that from his daddy for sure!!! Even when i was pregnant they always commented on the size of his head. He is having one side effect from the similac so i will talk to the doctor about it.

Also I read a wonderful blog Life with B&A (&D) and she did a giveaway for Kool Kids Legs and I was the winner. I was ecstatic to see that I won. I feel so lucky!!! Thank you Abby your a sweet heart!!! So i cannot wait to post a picture of Nolan wearing them.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scratches and Formula Fail

So nolan's finger nails grow like crazy and we clip them constantly. He must scratch his face in the middle of the night because i wake up and find a new scratch. We bought a nail file from Target that vibrates. I have to say it obviously does not work and I even tried it on myself. Not only does it not help but you have to hold the button down the entire time. So i do not recommend this product. I believe it is by Safety 1st.

So Nolan has Acid Reflux and even went through several medical tests to prove he didnt have a hole in his stomach. He has been on every type of Enfamil possible and had several side effects. He has now been on 3 different types of similac. He also has taken Zantac and Prilosec. I really hope something works because he was so uncomfortable the last few days. Any other suggestions fellow parents??

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Time!!

It has been 90 degrees here. That is pretty much unheard of in Minnesota. Our summers in july and august usually top off at 80 degrees. So this is quite unseasonable. We are debating on where to take a vacation right now. We would love to go home to Ohio but that really isnt a vacation for us. So we are trying to think of a place to take a 4 month old. I keep looking at swim trunks for him and i am bound and determined he will have some even if he cannot swim! Since I love to swim i think it is so hard to think that he cannot swim yet but i know he cant.

He has been holding his head up for weeks but its to the side. I have to literally hold his head up straight. We have the bebepod so we are working on it. He still is having problems with reflux and now they want to try soy based formula. I just pray that something will work for him!

Gymboree has the cutest new outfit and im determined he needs it. He is lacking on shorts anyways! I think the crab is so cute!!!! I also have a latest addiction of pirate clothing for him. Here is the latest picture of him. His hair is red in the back and blonde on top so i do not know what he will end up with. I hope the red!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things we like or have needed

It always helped me to read what others like or needed when they had their babies and many of my friends are due soon or just found out they are expecting including some of our family members :) So here is what we have liked!!

Nolan really loves the bassinet part of his pack n play. We have a regular bassinet with a mobile, music, vibrations etc but he will only sleep in it for an hour at the most. In the pack n play he sleeps in the upper part 6-7 hours at night!! So that is sthe one we have from Babies R US. It is the Graco Hamilton Pack N play.

Next, the beloved seahorse!! Of course in blue. He fell asleep with him at first and lately has no problem doing it on his own. They do have it in pink also!!

Then the soothie pacifier!!! He did not like pacifiers until he was 6 weeks old and now this is the only kind he will take. Its just like our bottles, the Doctor Brown bottles are the only kind that he really cares for. We tried the playtex with liner bottles and he does not like those maybe he will when he is older but why force him to change.

We needed a ton of wash cloths so i always recommend those. I was one of those people who think they can just use regular washcloths so then we would not have to buy baby ones. Buy baby ones!! Trust me on this!! Its not the same fabric or softness that a baby needs.

Lastly, the gas drops are a lifesaver!! So i always will recommend those. We even ran out of them which seems impossible but until we figured out his acid reflux problem, they saved our lives.

One more thing i forgot was the swaddle me blankets. Some babies do not like these so they are a hit or miss with babies but it really helped Nolan go to sleep.
So far from 0-3 months, those are the things we have used the most of. We do have a moby wrap and have used it but now that he is getting longer i just dont wear it but i forsee it coming out again soon!! Also, when he grows out of the bassinet he will move into his crib. We also are just starting to use some teething items but only a few are acceptable for his age. So i will review those when he is older. Lastly if your baby gets baby acne i would definatelly recommend cortizone cream with cooling. He loved this and it helped it heal up a lot faster!! He still has some but its not nearly as bad!!

Two months later and a long update~!~

Sorry everyone!! Between the new house and Nolan, I have been quite busy. I have been sick recently and really unmotivated to work on the house. Slowly but surely we are getting there. We basically live on the top floor. We painted all of the rooms we wanted to paint right now. There is an almost complete nursery. We just need curtains really. Our room is complete and the living room is almost complete. We worked on the picture wall this weekend and finished that and we just need curtains in there as well. I am procrastinating because of the price of them really.

We met the two neighbors across the street and they are both really friendly, i just wish our house was done so we could go over and be social! Nolan really does not care for his bassinet anymore so he is currently in his pack n play in the bassinet seat on the top and he loves that!! He is getting long but is still a little guy. Hes just now 11lbs and will be 3 months old tomorrow! He is only in the 17th% for weight. His head and length are in the 58th percentile. Hes got a big head like his daddy!!

He's been having some troubles with Acid Reflux and we have tried zantac, prilosec, and are now on enfamil AR for spit up. If it doesnt work this week he will move on to Similac Sensitive. This pedi gives me bad vibes and i thought the whole time he should be on another formula so we are switching to the pedi we saw right when he was born. She was wonderful and i feel like i need to be comfortable taking him to his doctor because i am the one who is home. He smiles a lot at me when i make silly faces or i just Oooh and ahh at him and he cracks up and starts flirting :) Since Ive been sick, he and nick have had some good daddy time. His only nick names seem to be Baby boy, nick calls him double B all the time lol, and dude. One of the main reasons we picked his name other then we really love it is because it really cant have a nick name which i like. I really cant stand it when someone has a name and they give some random nick name like for Richard how they use Dick. That makes no sense to me. My sister in law calls him Noley ( and i cannot stand that!!) His name is nolan for a reason (sorry small vent).

Anyways i hope that i can utilize this blog more to document things that he does and etc. I will be starting my last internship hopefully this summer and then i will be done!!! So i cannot promise how many updates i will do but i will do my best. Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nolan is here!

My birth story won't copy and past so heres a short jist of the story. I went in on Wednesday night and tried 2 medications to induce labor. After 20 hours i needed a c-section. Nolan was born on February 18th at 4:53 pm. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long. We stayed in the hospital for three more days and he lost too much weight so we had to supplement with formula. Hes slowly getting back to birth weight and just barely passed it now and he is three weeks old. He is still wearing newborn clothes and diapers and he is more alert now during the day. His hair is strawberry blonde and in sunlight looks just pure red like mine. We will see if that stays or changes. He is now over three weeks old and we love him more than anything. Sorry for the delay but a newborn keeps me quite busy along with a new house that we are closing on the 31st of this month! Lots of new things all in one time. Im healing alright it is slow going and everything they say is true. You cant be superwoman and be expected to be 100% two or three weeks later. It takes time and dont overdo it!