Monday, June 14, 2010

Holding Head up & winner

Well Nolan has been holding his head up since a week old. He has always whipped it around and just held his head up. My mother and mother in law both kept saying he had the strongest neck ever. Well he still holds his head up but for a longer amount of time. We placed him in his jumper and he leans to one side but he is getting better and he almost touches the ground. Where has the time gone???

On june 9th he rolled over three times from his back to his belly. He has not mastered the other way around but he will. He babbles like no other and it is so adorable. The first time he did it was two weeks ago on the weekend and nick and i woke up to him babbling to himself and i swear i have hear "mum" and mommmmm several times but Nick just laughs. He smiles up a storm in the morning and he absolutely still does not like to have his clothes changed. I cannot help but laugh sometimes because he makes the silliest faces.

Similac Sensitive has been working so far for the last week *knock on wood*. We weighed him after his bath last night and he is 12 lbs 5 oz. He has a four month appointment next week so we will see where that takes us. He has always been between 12-18th% for weight so hes low. At first the doctor was concerned but he seems to be less worried now. His length is around the same percentile and his head circumfrance is 58th percentile. He gets that from his daddy for sure!!! Even when i was pregnant they always commented on the size of his head. He is having one side effect from the similac so i will talk to the doctor about it.

Also I read a wonderful blog Life with B&A (&D) and she did a giveaway for Kool Kids Legs and I was the winner. I was ecstatic to see that I won. I feel so lucky!!! Thank you Abby your a sweet heart!!! So i cannot wait to post a picture of Nolan wearing them.

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