Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Time!!

It has been 90 degrees here. That is pretty much unheard of in Minnesota. Our summers in july and august usually top off at 80 degrees. So this is quite unseasonable. We are debating on where to take a vacation right now. We would love to go home to Ohio but that really isnt a vacation for us. So we are trying to think of a place to take a 4 month old. I keep looking at swim trunks for him and i am bound and determined he will have some even if he cannot swim! Since I love to swim i think it is so hard to think that he cannot swim yet but i know he cant.

He has been holding his head up for weeks but its to the side. I have to literally hold his head up straight. We have the bebepod so we are working on it. He still is having problems with reflux and now they want to try soy based formula. I just pray that something will work for him!

Gymboree has the cutest new outfit and im determined he needs it. He is lacking on shorts anyways! I think the crab is so cute!!!! I also have a latest addiction of pirate clothing for him. Here is the latest picture of him. His hair is red in the back and blonde on top so i do not know what he will end up with. I hope the red!!!!

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