Monday, May 17, 2010

Things we like or have needed

It always helped me to read what others like or needed when they had their babies and many of my friends are due soon or just found out they are expecting including some of our family members :) So here is what we have liked!!

Nolan really loves the bassinet part of his pack n play. We have a regular bassinet with a mobile, music, vibrations etc but he will only sleep in it for an hour at the most. In the pack n play he sleeps in the upper part 6-7 hours at night!! So that is sthe one we have from Babies R US. It is the Graco Hamilton Pack N play.

Next, the beloved seahorse!! Of course in blue. He fell asleep with him at first and lately has no problem doing it on his own. They do have it in pink also!!

Then the soothie pacifier!!! He did not like pacifiers until he was 6 weeks old and now this is the only kind he will take. Its just like our bottles, the Doctor Brown bottles are the only kind that he really cares for. We tried the playtex with liner bottles and he does not like those maybe he will when he is older but why force him to change.

We needed a ton of wash cloths so i always recommend those. I was one of those people who think they can just use regular washcloths so then we would not have to buy baby ones. Buy baby ones!! Trust me on this!! Its not the same fabric or softness that a baby needs.

Lastly, the gas drops are a lifesaver!! So i always will recommend those. We even ran out of them which seems impossible but until we figured out his acid reflux problem, they saved our lives.

One more thing i forgot was the swaddle me blankets. Some babies do not like these so they are a hit or miss with babies but it really helped Nolan go to sleep.
So far from 0-3 months, those are the things we have used the most of. We do have a moby wrap and have used it but now that he is getting longer i just dont wear it but i forsee it coming out again soon!! Also, when he grows out of the bassinet he will move into his crib. We also are just starting to use some teething items but only a few are acceptable for his age. So i will review those when he is older. Lastly if your baby gets baby acne i would definatelly recommend cortizone cream with cooling. He loved this and it helped it heal up a lot faster!! He still has some but its not nearly as bad!!

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