Monday, May 17, 2010

Two months later and a long update~!~

Sorry everyone!! Between the new house and Nolan, I have been quite busy. I have been sick recently and really unmotivated to work on the house. Slowly but surely we are getting there. We basically live on the top floor. We painted all of the rooms we wanted to paint right now. There is an almost complete nursery. We just need curtains really. Our room is complete and the living room is almost complete. We worked on the picture wall this weekend and finished that and we just need curtains in there as well. I am procrastinating because of the price of them really.

We met the two neighbors across the street and they are both really friendly, i just wish our house was done so we could go over and be social! Nolan really does not care for his bassinet anymore so he is currently in his pack n play in the bassinet seat on the top and he loves that!! He is getting long but is still a little guy. Hes just now 11lbs and will be 3 months old tomorrow! He is only in the 17th% for weight. His head and length are in the 58th percentile. Hes got a big head like his daddy!!

He's been having some troubles with Acid Reflux and we have tried zantac, prilosec, and are now on enfamil AR for spit up. If it doesnt work this week he will move on to Similac Sensitive. This pedi gives me bad vibes and i thought the whole time he should be on another formula so we are switching to the pedi we saw right when he was born. She was wonderful and i feel like i need to be comfortable taking him to his doctor because i am the one who is home. He smiles a lot at me when i make silly faces or i just Oooh and ahh at him and he cracks up and starts flirting :) Since Ive been sick, he and nick have had some good daddy time. His only nick names seem to be Baby boy, nick calls him double B all the time lol, and dude. One of the main reasons we picked his name other then we really love it is because it really cant have a nick name which i like. I really cant stand it when someone has a name and they give some random nick name like for Richard how they use Dick. That makes no sense to me. My sister in law calls him Noley ( and i cannot stand that!!) His name is nolan for a reason (sorry small vent).

Anyways i hope that i can utilize this blog more to document things that he does and etc. I will be starting my last internship hopefully this summer and then i will be done!!! So i cannot promise how many updates i will do but i will do my best. Have a great day everyone!!!

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